Monday, November 1, 2010

Top 5 mistakes traders Rookie network Facebook

The company is to develop a deeper connection to Facebook with existing customers and track their brand in the minds of the people in those days. The question is: how you can do this the right way?

Each of the company and the product must be Facebook deal with a small thing twist.grand on Facebook is to pay for service advertising or develop your own following.

The worst mistake you can market the main page of the Facebook fan page proposed developments for your amis.Vous can create a page for each product or for your entire brand. Placing on the market on the main page of Facebook to get no second chance prohibited.

The second mistake that people when you run the update trop.Vous display precedence over twice per day than most that they really listen to people and what you have to say. If you always add value with updates and continue to listen to. Expenses if you are unsure of the value to customers.

Business training, we learn to control all the numéros.avec social media is not on the amount of friends. The quality of friends. Friends of the quality of your contribution and spread the word. You can enjoy the best type of marketing company.

The third vulnerability is attention is no economic contribution to your amis.Je know that you say what is the interest that the tender most favorable articles on the benefits of their product. How to resolve the problem for a specific customer. Developments in their industry on the development of latest product news.These are some of the things you need to talk about how to use your imagination.

The fourth error is a weekend of silence.I do not say that you want to spend hours on Facebook weekend bookings.It is not necessary to meet your friends every day, including weekends introduce their.know that you y for them.

Fifth and considered the greatest mistake is censure.Si you receive negative feedback contribution cannot ignore or delete using the contribution to the world shows that you care the client.Pour resolve time timely u.n. ' don't forget that your customers, how to work with someone who has a problem with your company a.Vous can see how you did.

Create a Facebook is spoken but the rocket science for franchir.Suivez undertaking these tips and you will give a new source of revenue for your business.

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