Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Drumroll Please - Facebook Added a Spam Filter

While online checking my Gmail account earlier, I took a few minutes get on my Facebook page to update my status which is usually done at least twice daily. While on my Facebook fan page I noticed this banner at the top of the page saying:

"Facebook is now helping Page admins ensure that the most valuable content posted by users on their Page wall is more visible to anyone viewing the Page. We are now offering automatic content filtering on Page walls that will ensure that posts soliciting spam are removed from public view as well as ensure that posts containing good content remain more visible."

This spam filter is still in its test stage on Facebook Pages and I can see why Facebook decided to start the application there. If a person comes across a business page that say has 20,000 likes, all they have to do is click like and then see if that page allows you to post on the fan page. Most page owners allows that is it allows their users to interact with them. The spammer then post his link on the page then move on to the next page and does the same. I know that had to be a problem because on numerous pages that have a huge followings, I've noticed spammy self promotion and sometimes I go on the site days later I still see the spammers post still on the page

As a person who has an established business as well as an established Gmail account, I literally spend at least 15 minutes more than I should going through the hundreds of emails I get daily. Sorting out which ones I need to reply to, I absolutely know first hand of the aggravation of going through spam to find my messages.

Fortunately 15 minutes is far shorter that about a year ago taking 30 to 40 minutes using another email service before I moved my business email accounts to Gmail. I've been impressed so far as Google has been aggressively fighting spam for their millions of Gmail users and bringing down their delivery of spam through their system to less that 1 percent which is remarkable.

According to Google: "Gmail users play an important role in keeping spammy messages out of millions of inboxes. When the Gmail community votes with their clicks to report a particular email as spam, our system quickly learns to start blocking similar messages. The more spam the community marks, the smarter our system becomes."

With over 550 million users, according to Facebook by the end of 2011 they are estimating that there will be a billion Facebook users, this had to be top priority. I wouldn't be surprised that their system will be modeled closely to how Google's Gmail operates.

The spam feature is only available to Facebook pages users who allow users to post comments but this new feature is a great step to nip that behavior in the bud and help keep the integrity of their users brands as well as a clean more polished and professional organized image.

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