Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The future of the creation of money on Facebook-how to build high quality on Facebook social network?

Is true and accurate to develop the social network Facebook

1. Add new friends 5 - 10 times per day, more...

To add more than a few friends for the journée.vous run the risk of a Facebook account suspended for adding too many friends at the same time.

2. always write your comments, communicating with the community as much as possible and all kinds of books like

Shifts are only 5 to 10 friends add per day, are very active on Facebook.Afficher comments, photos, updates to the State, the wall of the border, etc.Educational and informative and inspiring mixture makes the contenu.Cela allows you to add instead of adding them.

3 reserve a certain period of use on the Facebook...

Or is set to a value of 15 minutes-1 hour, a certain period of time to communicate and disseminate the content of great friends Facebook, add friends,., friend request, refresh the page, and so forth also mix offers, other users of content (syndication), videos YouTube, flags and thus of suite.Cela brings you to the presence of a leader in the industry online, an important factor for many people in the eye.

4 Add the individual groups related fields and to fight...

When you add friends, is not about quantity, but especially the quality of certain niches.people that you're involved in, choose the more selective.as specific to each niche cover you group Facebook - the people that you are going to build teams.

5 adding pages fan or superstar in specific areas of the fight against people...

Which can be: Randy Gage, Robert Kiyosaki, Jonathan Budd, etc., to get to their site of the fan to the fan epithet pages.leaders in your particular location ensures you have in your area of interest to persons meet tons of people travelling.

6 Target people you like, the culmination of the creation of quality is not the quantity.

Yet again, I want to emphasize quality quantité.Sans object add random people will ensure that your account is cancelled and the deposit of your wall of Facebook and the Inbox with the amount of spam sollicité.Avec Facebook page will be filled with spam detour current friends and future friends.

7 link to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, websites, video etc.

Facebook is where most people in the social networking scene is bloque.diamètre users of 250 million dollars per day, each averaging 34 minutes per day on Facebook .c ' is grand.Il should only be a funnel browser YouTube, twitter, MySpace friends, supporters, web leads and back your page Facebook.Il etc. is a life much more easy and successful as regards the placing on the market overall spending.

8 focus on each of your content on Facebook to the "next", you'll see...

If you focus on get all you can watch on Facebook, this allows broadcast for the first level is currently possible defense shields people usually are at their lowest niveau.Ce means for you, you have more control over the content, you can see, most of the followers of the path and transfers, you have the option of doubling the implementation of the strategy.

Disable Facebook fans in clients

Day increases the popularity of Facebook. Today, it is the most popular and easiest to use than ever before. In Europe and America is more than 95% of the population of Facebook users. Statistics, which vary according to various reports. But most of them are more than 95%, which is a pretty high percentage.

People can make a Facebook fan pages, profiles, actions, etc. The page on your favorite celebrity, the person in the history and much more can be done.Briefly, Facebook is useful, more powerful and more important than ever and the most popular social networks today, it offers a variety of functions., that the other does not have a menu.Vous can also create a page of fan for your company.

Create a page of fan for your business can be the best decision you ever make for your business. Yes, it's true, you can create an unlimited number of fans in a short period of time. It takes little effort and some knowledge of the technology and where to go. You can take advantage of advertising on Facebook and a large number of Facebook fans in the future, which can be your customers. But you know how procéder.Il is important to know how your fans of Facebook in real that lack of customers, custom pages are menus and information about the product on the page, product so that your customers fan regular updates on how to obtain the product.This can increase the likelihood that becomes client provides.or revision of the client who leads the sales of the product.

Virtually limitless options, getting fans.mais clients fully depends on the efficiency you thing taxes.a you must regularly fan page in interesting content on your product, you must put jour.ainsi, more people will visit you periodically and certainly more customers to their fans.

How to create a free and fast money Microjob

Good opportunities online, which is really hard and it is almost impossible. Here's the first paid the traditional button reading and most hate or love of programs. Some are fairly and paying subscribers based regular, but this is little income that people can live, until now is a new type of win the possibilities offered by Microjob, a website which offers the possibility of making any money at all additional quickly by simple tasks online.

It is not possible, a new concept, but Microjob is unique.In the first bonus is reached when you first login, it may be higher welcome bonus for the first time that user logs on to a five dollar account Microjob programme.offert such.

It is not, however, that this sum of money can be a good participation in the program, without any payment, take advantage of all the benefits of the single Microjob topic that fully uses the power of the most popular social networking site Twitter .Est membership.and Facebook are compatible with connection for complete information here, you can specify the type of tasks will be comfortable manner, as well as general information about yourself. This is useful because it is the work for you, you regularly.

Tasks, which are many, something to share links with your friends and followers Twitter, Facebook or even simply to watch a particular video on YouTube and leave a comment.the first task, you by its affiliate link is this earn dollar Microjob, active, any link depends on tasks you can perform unlimited... earning potential be warned, but if you constantly to ensure enough tasks to complete, can be disabled on the server.

Here the opportunities to earn not completed member can also be obtained in implementing tasks to put money in place campaign here, you can promote other programs that are involved in, or for obtenir.Ne you worried, because it is the beginning of the campaign are not expensive, it is about three dollars in the fight, and it is possible to start immediately and your bonus.doit have at least a dollar is worth of tasks with a campaign on track.

Facebook vs. Google: Is Facebook the new superpower of the Internet?

Do you know how to predict the future?

If you do, then, in the world, your subscription. at least this is what Internet marketing guru Jonathan Budd in its three video copies of said Jonathan service.Sur says.importance of predicting the future — trends and how it is for them!

Now, there is a trend that we have all the Internet marketing staff and home companies should pay attention to:

Emergence of the Internet new superpower - "Facebook!"

In his video, "said Jonthan Facebook vs Google.Affirme days Google PPC is plus and the death of MLM and national merchants! he said Google has been the source of data and leads for almost all Internet marketing specialists and is still quite large number one in the direct, a great another thing (which may be greater than Google!) now happening."

All are great, some statistics surprising in the charts and tables, Jonathan tells us that the social networking giant cannot be higher than Google in fact, it is growing."as the main advertisting industry at home now!"If you want some hot tips and active and interested buyers you should pay attention to the problem of Facebook vs. Google.

And I agree with Jonathan, I mean, even those which focuses on Google are big on Facebook!

I think that the reason why social as Facebook may offer better networks target keywords and specific demographic advertising: social media is to know, Facebook is better.What happens to you - what videos you want to share, and how many times you want to recommend to your friends, games, people and companies that you're a fan of interest.

What does this mean for us?

Facebook is our point of view.It is a sector of the market space so that your position users 500 million or more and take advantage of this social media site!, opportunity these giant social network advertising yields better results, more qualified back!

In fact, today is the most innovative, dynamic, one quickly new businesses of the Internet and the United States shows that it is finally zal number 1 source data for companies to home planet.

Jonathan predicts that Facebook will be larger that Google.en is becoming maintenant.Oui, it will be for the better in the next 12 months, so wake up and control the following on the Internet!

Many sites and blogs to talk about Facebook vs Google.Je am in advance, since the two companies will have to think about many of the tool life réelle.Je know that this is where the creation of the brain behind these pages, we will be better WEB experience.

Are you Google for a team or a team of Facebook? this site do you think will be finally and why?