Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can social networking, benefit for your company?

During the recent social networks ten is the most growth online. The ability to create user accounts to invite friends to contribute to the consultation, exchange of distillation and stay with the popular apparatus located anywhere in the world created by belonging to a major social networking sites must have a net users today. When it comes to social networking sites, they are not larger than Facebook. Facebook is more than four hundred million active users in the world, the third largest country in the world, China and the India.

But the number of Facebook watched as a platform "social" network, the only correct the issue is one of the most impressive tools business on the Internet.Large numbers of end-users is Facebook a functional alternative for each company, it is to support the market or only Facebook technology is one of the least expensive, but efficient, method for new clients.non only advertising services on the Web for cheap, but there are several ways to use the power of Facebook to support and ropes of new customers.

For example, you create a user account or group, you can create a Facebook page for free.the user of the product to create and use to update your members and supporters of a new version that puts your entreprise.Paramètres site and application technical SEO company to support online, Facebook has already a prisoner giant by the public. Everything you need is to create a page that resonates with your target audience and then use the redirection is on the Web and this purchase finally.

Facebook is "kroop" more engines major research as a result, there are 2 things you normally all first to make sure that your profile page with so much information about your company and products, however, you do not have this co. without your personal sense of page "press" on how to stop quickly visitors. Your goal is to ensure that visitors to the point to read the information on your profile page, you know the name of your company, you can sell and where can I obtain a copy of your product.

The second thing you need to do to take advantage of web searching "robots" is the appropriate keywords. For example, if you're in the area of the sale of flowers, then the word "flowers", as well as in a "long tail" alternatives such as "buy flowers flowers","for sale", "Florist online" or "quality of flowers", must conform to the description text for your profile mountain lakes.What to do, it is easier for someone looking for your type of products can be found on Facebook.

Placing on the market, it is that part of the Facebook business opportunities.relationship management customer is another company, you have a current through new products, information industry and rewards, a customer loyalty programs Facebook can also be heard by the market thinks bulvar product and the forum necessary for your concerns and service customers.It may be unavoidable, to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

In fact, is one of the use of techniques more cost-effective Facebook only create relationships with clients potentiels.trouver easily specific demographic and search for persons, which would be more likely to be interested in the possibilities, the products, services and the connexions.Vous can connect from "friending" and create a simple on their Facebook, such as pages and preferences, or even their routine during a conversation about your entreprise.Je amis.Progrès compliment know personally, the young lady who built and the performance of the company has exactly this way.

This last point is that half a billion Facebook users use favor or allow the chance you get?

Introduction to social networking

What is social networking?

Thus, it examines the way it communicates, today, the 21st century, but it is much more than that!

Social networking is that a group of natural persons in specific groups... people with common interests of the community, etc. Although you can personally (as has been done traditionally always!), social network, today is a popular and name of activity online.

And why dedicated to... in direct contrast to several schools, schools or workplaces, the Internet is full of millions of people are looking actively for the traveller, collecting and sharing information and experience on their interests, develop friendships and professional alliances and group to share information on what is, is interested. Topics and interests are so rich and varied history of our world.

So what is an online social network?

Social sites online Web networking efficacement.Ces Web pages are called social networking sites or. social networking sites are a virtual online users of the Internet community, depending on the site Web approach is usually specific pieces of information about you and then opened so that you can use to find the same little information about others, finally allows you to socialize with them.

There are various friends, that can be performed in one of the many advantages of .the online social networks ' other is in contact with friends, easier to maintain and create many more small place in the world of networks with people from all over the world.

But I do not know my support, my bags tweets!

Yes, it is at a level and a stunning variety of social networks online here, but each tends to be very different markets différentes.enfin, the time comes when it is necessary to choose which path.[...]so when the time comes, here is a brief overview of that among the key players in online social networks.

What you really want to know is that Facebook is the only way with your friends in ligne.À unlike MySpace, Facebook is a gift for attackers and spammers, because you have much greater control, you decide what comes: when someone is your name in the Facebook search engine, you have total control on!

Facebook is almost the same as the version of the bells and whistles friends reunited.mainly in the age of 25 to 45 years old, but are those of the existence of virtually all ages and all walks from worldwide entier.Il is by far the most important (and some of the best ways) of all online social networks are now being used.

Like all other MySpace, MySpace is a social network, but the difference is that the music social glue and popular culture, it is a new way for fans of music and record labels, music and also allows you to communicate directly with their fans.

Technology can sometimes feel quite clumsy ready for a little more than the users and how it was before the questions of protection of personal data, given the nature place users are younger than on other sites (late teens +), although, according to statistics, middle-aged users 31!

Bebo a small child, brilliant and established for much younger that attract users to its competitors, most visitors online (30%) at the age of 18 to 24 syrovosti offers as good reputation number floods more young users say

Bebo, founded in 2005, quickly also expanded young Web users do what they want: download photos, where appropriate, post comments and send e-mails, the quizzes, photos, presentations, and blogs.

Twitter Twitter is much more simple concept that other social networking sites, implementing Internet seldom challenges is a thing-"what do you do?- and send your own messages, reply, then, is that you can ask all your friends in the text on their cell phones or online and messages.

Effectively is the blog, but if these networks, Twitter really highlights only appears when you perform the good amis.Cependant with a doubled in size every few weeks, is one of the fastest growing social network and is excellent for people who are "přebalovacími" in his approach and an easy life.

Still cannot decide?

The proliferation of online social networking sites, how you can determine the action that you want to use?

I've come to the conclusion that the best way is just to the brake and try to see the different sites of size and identify those who have the best matches.tous networks and relationships, whether online or offline must grow and have a little time invested in thus leur.Par, in view of the fact that many of these networks is available free of charge, why not try the profile in the various communities online more?, if someone is looking for you are you can find and then you can use both, or your relationship with them to develop and if not, or if you are not only some more technical aspects of the site, then you can always return to the other.

Keep in mind the decision for life...I don't like this? you can then use the non-refundable étroit.deux account.

It is not possible to break down these things...Try to play with them, and you never know, maybe you will like!

Ugly links you can get a shorterner

If you ever said the family or friends on the event on Twitter, you can run a problem that many others have an incredibly long time linking: your type of space! There is a solution, but is capable of placing your really long link in one link of many shorter. With a link runs to say much more about your updates.

Link to the long and short reference can make the difference between:

Example 1

Our marriage was so much fun! I want to let everyone know that marriage photos here! ""-see broken link?"

Example 2

Our marriage was so much fun!I would like to let everyone know that marriage photos here!» "-note the shortest link."

The first example, clutch type long, ugly, generally of sites that can be used to search the Wedding Hall.These references are usually as long as you Tweet or even Facebook updated State.

The second example uses the much shorter link, which allows you to write the type of the entire message and add a link to the people who you can talk.

In addition to access to your room and the types of long links are merely squarely laid.Personne wants to see a long string of letters, digits and hyphens, slashes, account required to update the State.

How to truncate long links

He was difficult to shorten long URL, you can say more in a State of jour.Il updates are several sites that will make everything what you can do is insert your long link in the window on the Web site and the Web is very court.lorsque people link to the new, shorter, they are redirected to long.Cela original link allows to update your friends and your family with an update a connection and is still many places have therefore to write!

Applications Facebook-how to increase the visibility of your Facebook fans

Facebook applications

Applications Facebook is one of the most important elements of Facebook and the people are passionate him more than all other social networks for different applications. As soon as Facebook applications installed on the fan page, it is for you and your followers will be subject, for example, Flash games, listen to music, watch videos, stay connected with other social networks, organize tasks and monitor events Facebook application makes it easy to play.directly in the browser and requires the installation of each type of software .c ' is what Facebook games with other games, if the user is not required to download another set of programs that a space is automatically via a Web browser, you can run online gaming.

How applications Facebook, the visibility of your Facebook fan pages

Everyone knows that if you are interested in more fans to see, it is more likely that the word or the product of the company or any other thing.Facebook fan page, you must install the application more attractive to attract more visitors, which is with you, as a reply ventilateur.Bien mail, Facebook, applications are the Flash games have several options, including RSS, images, presentations, video streams, and many other things.adding other applications such as interest, fan page, you will increase your fans will certainly be.

Other social networks social network connections

One of the best features of the Facebook application that can be linked with other social networks, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, sold on... and other sites sociaux.Cela extends the scope of your company in each network site, ventilateurs.Si you have a page on your Facebook using Facebook, application there will add fans automatically the information that you post on Facebook shared on other networks social as social pages.

In order to ensure regular visits should be more fans to more attractive for the fan of the page that you create and design so professionnelle.Si you some interesting to add to your Facebook profile applications, people involved in your activities and your fan, you can also create these applications with your user info., and visitors are invited to participate.