Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ugly links you can get a shorterner

If you ever said the family or friends on the event on Twitter, you can run a problem that many others have an incredibly long time linking: your type of space! There is a solution, but is capable of placing your really long link in one link of many shorter. With a link runs to say much more about your updates.

Link to the long and short reference can make the difference between:

Example 1

Our marriage was so much fun! I want to let everyone know that marriage photos here! ""-see broken link?"

Example 2

Our marriage was so much fun!I would like to let everyone know that marriage photos here!» "-note the shortest link."

The first example, clutch type long, ugly, generally of sites that can be used to search the Wedding Hall.These references are usually as long as you Tweet or even Facebook updated State.

The second example uses the much shorter link, which allows you to write the type of the entire message and add a link to the people who you can talk.

In addition to access to your room and the types of long links are merely squarely laid.Personne wants to see a long string of letters, digits and hyphens, slashes, account required to update the State.

How to truncate long links

He was difficult to shorten long URL, you can say more in a State of jour.Il updates are several sites that will make everything what you can do is insert your long link in the window on the Web site and the Web is very court.lorsque people link to the new, shorter, they are redirected to long.Cela original link allows to update your friends and your family with an update a connection and is still many places have therefore to write!

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