Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introduction to social networking

What is social networking?

Thus, it examines the way it communicates, today, the 21st century, but it is much more than that!

Social networking is that a group of natural persons in specific groups... people with common interests of the community, etc. Although you can personally (as has been done traditionally always!), social network, today is a popular and name of activity online.

And why dedicated to... in direct contrast to several schools, schools or workplaces, the Internet is full of millions of people are looking actively for the traveller, collecting and sharing information and experience on their interests, develop friendships and professional alliances and group to share information on what is, is interested. Topics and interests are so rich and varied history of our world.

So what is an online social network?

Social sites online Web networking efficacement.Ces Web pages are called social networking sites or. social networking sites are a virtual online users of the Internet community, depending on the site Web approach is usually specific pieces of information about you and then opened so that you can use to find the same little information about others, finally allows you to socialize with them.

There are various friends, that can be performed in one of the many advantages of .the online social networks ' other is in contact with friends, easier to maintain and create many more small place in the world of networks with people from all over the world.

But I do not know my support, my bags tweets!

Yes, it is at a level and a stunning variety of social networks online here, but each tends to be very different markets différentes.enfin, the time comes when it is necessary to choose which path.[...]so when the time comes, here is a brief overview of that among the key players in online social networks.

What you really want to know is that Facebook is the only way with your friends in ligne.À unlike MySpace, Facebook is a gift for attackers and spammers, because you have much greater control, you decide what comes: when someone is your name in the Facebook search engine, you have total control on!

Facebook is almost the same as the version of the bells and whistles friends reunited.mainly in the age of 25 to 45 years old, but are those of the existence of virtually all ages and all walks from worldwide entier.Il is by far the most important (and some of the best ways) of all online social networks are now being used.

Like all other MySpace, MySpace is a social network, but the difference is that the music social glue and popular culture, it is a new way for fans of music and record labels, music and also allows you to communicate directly with their fans.

Technology can sometimes feel quite clumsy ready for a little more than the users and how it was before the questions of protection of personal data, given the nature place users are younger than on other sites (late teens +), although, according to statistics, middle-aged users 31!

Bebo a small child, brilliant and established for much younger that attract users to its competitors, most visitors online (30%) at the age of 18 to 24 syrovosti offers as good reputation number floods more young users say

Bebo, founded in 2005, quickly also expanded young Web users do what they want: download photos, where appropriate, post comments and send e-mails, the quizzes, photos, presentations, and blogs.

Twitter Twitter is much more simple concept that other social networking sites, implementing Internet seldom challenges is a thing-"what do you do?- and send your own messages, reply, then, is that you can ask all your friends in the text on their cell phones or online and messages.

Effectively is the blog, but if these networks, Twitter really highlights only appears when you perform the good amis.Cependant with a doubled in size every few weeks, is one of the fastest growing social network and is excellent for people who are "přebalovacími" in his approach and an easy life.

Still cannot decide?

The proliferation of online social networking sites, how you can determine the action that you want to use?

I've come to the conclusion that the best way is just to the brake and try to see the different sites of size and identify those who have the best matches.tous networks and relationships, whether online or offline must grow and have a little time invested in thus leur.Par, in view of the fact that many of these networks is available free of charge, why not try the profile in the various communities online more?, if someone is looking for you are you can find and then you can use both, or your relationship with them to develop and if not, or if you are not only some more technical aspects of the site, then you can always return to the other.

Keep in mind the decision for life...I don't like this? you can then use the non-refundable étroit.deux account.

It is not possible to break down these things...Try to play with them, and you never know, maybe you will like!

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