Thursday, November 4, 2010

Facebook vs Twitter - who cares?

Say social networking or keep in touch, the advent of the Facebook and Twitter has changed the way people communicate with each other. Are those who refuse to be drawn in that has been in the business and, in some sense, dependant, and there are people who are at the forefront of a new method of communication for which these two platforms are old hat.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each, but rest, Facebook, Twitter or both, the part of the networking sociale.Si you use as your business or simply a person seeks to connect online, you must learn how to choose the best method for your needs.

Facebook created for students and has become a global social network of the company. You will find many games, quizzes, leisure and in the Group on Facebook, not only you are update your message state, download photos, manage, and create a page profile, but you can already your friend status reports, profiles, and more importantly, you can express and do not have only your friend in the conversation, but friends of friends, who commented on the and the State of the message.Facebook and the instant system, messaging, so you can chat with your friends without having to log in to Messenger.Facebook allows you to save your phone or none, create, or o archive or sit at home and play Suffolk.

Twitter has a completely new language created for users who use it. contributions micro Twitter, which are known as the tweets are people who use Twitter tweeple.en contributions first advanced people to connect to the Internet using a mobile phone, Twitter, even for users, i.e. in contact, regardless of where you are.

Twitter is all about fast and short messages, send and promote links or update your day, your company or other events .c ' is a place to display your blog updates, new articles to promote your website or company and more.

Many people use both of these social networking sites, because they have different reasons for promotion of a Web page or share a short notice is ideal for Twitter.Si you want to send pictures, part of a longer report and participation in social network games and more than Facebook is the best solution.

When comparing the two, it is unlikely that the time where we have a question or to replace the second, because the two are different things.
Although individual users vary, a general consensus, Facebook, and other information on personal friends who don't know, or partners in a particular manner and Twitter in real life is more a weight below and your message to large a possible audience .encore once the success is using.

Twitter Tricks

Although there is no proper decorum to follow when it comes to Twitter or in Twitterverse as we addicts like to call it (as in, as soon as we log into Twitter in the morning, we issue a universal 'good morning, twitterverse!'), there are things that we do online that tells people to instantly unfollow us. But there are also things that we tweet about that make people say 'hang on, I think I want to hear what this person has to say'.

I'll outline a few simple ones here. There are more out there but twitterverse keeps changing so by the time you read this article, twitter might have changed and so would the 'rules'.�

Staying positive stops people from unfollowing you. Even if you've tweeted the most ludicrous thing on earth recently, if you tweet positive stuff following that, people think that you are worth hanging onto. I just don't think that there are a lot of people who hate positive stuff. As in... 'Gosh, this person is too positive. I think I'll unfollow this person.' If so, then what this tweetfellow need is some serious sunshine.

Find interesting thing to say about you, your work, your company, the things that you use or do. Have a quote or two ready and then surf around for good one-liners and jokes. People love those stuff especially during the work day when they have nowhere to go and feeling frustrated.

Rant sparingly but if you have to rant, make it funny so that it doesn't turn people who are not into negative things off. It is good when you rant about slow internet service (those ISPs are all online on twitter now so you might just get their attention when you rant) or your teddy bear being soiled by your nephew but try not to get personal and vindictive on twitter. People are turned off by that sort of stuff.

People become careful around you because if it is not beyond you to get personal with others, it won't take much for you to get personally vindictive with them as well. They don't want to risk having their name or twitter address splattered in a virtual bloodbath.

RT generously if you find people saying good stuff that you think might benefit others too. Twitter is also about sharing yourself and your friends. And remember, whatever goes around, comes around. If you generously RT other people's tweets, they won't hesitate to do the same for you when you say something totally off-the-rocker funny or useful.

Space your tweets out. If there is something about twitter that totally annoys me is this - people who tweet every second. Literally, every second. They don't say anything for the longest time and then all the tweets come shot! Even if they usually have something good to say and are positive people, I find myself wondering if I should just unfollow this person. The reason? They probably scheduled the tweet and forgot to manage the time properly. It is safe to schedule your tweets to come in once every hour or so.

Create a personality for yourself. Being all serious and business-like is one thing but to be more effective, it works better if your followers can attached themselves to a personality instead of a twitter account. Put a name to the person doing the tweeting, maybe even a face. For instance, I follow this anti-violence organization on twitter and what is interesting is that these volunteers address themselves whenever they logged on. So, if one person is signing off, they'll say 'OK, this is Sally signing off now. Next up will be Jenny from LA. Night'. And then when Jenny logs on, she will tweet, 'Good morning, folks. It sure is sunny over here in LA!'

Good luck tweeting!