Monday, November 8, 2010

Official presence on Facebook

The benefits and risks of the presence of the official Facebook

With the rapid onset and unprecedented communication different technologies of the Internet, we can achieve easily and our customers communicate.Facebook offers interactive platform where customers easily reply to general public places displaying lire.Facebook issued customers to equality of opportunity and merchants to express their ideas and to exchange information on the product.

Facebook also provides a direct budgetary mechanism to replace the tedious process of research and direct chronophage.questions and concerns of your customers, improve their fidelity to the balise.tout is, however, the other side of the coin.

Opportunities for Facebook

There are many reasons one may say for a trademark in the media more populaires.En first and foremost a series of discussions and exchange of information takes place in various social as Facebook networks and Twitter may in fact thanks to Facebook, people, this hotel are an indication of positive responses to this product description, you can also use the axles of complaints from some of your customers who have purchased this and in order to win their return.

On the notes of the assets, if he had been present on Facebook Facebook allows allows you to create a designation of the bande.En customers in addition, it can provide easy access to the main first information on the product of a simple clic.Toutes brands have their own Facebook account or with innovation fan page.

Disadvantages in Facebook

Conventional forms of media is authorized clients step provide feedback.the transit of the new platform following media can be very difficult and it is difficult to speak in the language of social networks is very informal.Some merchants use rules and directives of their page fan on Facebook, which is characteristic of the Facebook banned.It may negative, impact and impact on the brand or product to avoid any risk of everyone on Facebook and traders should be aware of the response time and energy to the level of users.

The golden rule of Facebook

Effective use of media will be the success of the provision of small household products successfully in his immense popularity in the Facebook.There are two golden rules of Facebook should not forget that he was able to place their social media:

It is important that you are satisfied with their customers and the authoritarian .grand brother, position is suited for conventional media and your labels in Facebook can kill you angry and bitter reaction your clients.convivial arrogance and position is always the best přístupně.En Secondly, reports, but they speak clients.Brut client advertising your page shoo

There are a number of ethics which must follow when you use Facebook and other media sociaux.vous know that it is easy thanks to active participation in the media competence ' company should ensure that its representatives of knowledge in the field and is able to provide a presence on Facebook.les expert services in the treatment of social media marketing.

Social networks are good for your business?

Nancy has taken a look at the last month of the sale. Once more, they have declined. Should be something sparks sales. But his advertising budget was very low. She heard that social networks are a good way to gain new customers. Should second day access expert in social media, who are willing to work, planning of actions only for $900. May give a try.

Social networks are not a new

There is nothing really new about social networks. It is indeed a way to build relationships with customers and promote the word from the mouth of the notification by the Internet the past, clients will receive a postcard or a phone call in the business now, tools for social media like Twitter, Facebook or linked to is used for the same purpose and for less cost.customers can also use these tools, you can tell your friends and colleagues, the company and its products and services, even if they can be just as easily possible to refrain from doing.the extent to which social "buzz" created the tools of the network promotes still undetermined; however, requires the use of social networks of links with clients and to promote the transfer of the mouth, that the company already has a current base of customers, more loyal clients.

TRUE, there are forms of advertising, which creates a "buzz" information product or service among those who have no marketing client.Guérilla allows the use of these there is no reason that this method of promotion can put on-line .Cependant, guerilla marketing is inexpensive, request time, energy and imagination, which are currently not many owners of small businesses.

So if Nancy has been a loyal base of clients that can be carried out in support of the purchase, or links via the Internet, social networks can be a viable option for it.

The acquisition of customers

In principle, there are two ways to get customers who use Internet and the traffic on the Web site in the first case, the clients, who are already online and find the information you want to click on the company's Web engine optimization (SEO) and sponsored by advertising techniques (such as AdWords), can be used for this purpose, you can also publish on the Web pages visited by the target group of clients.Ces sites include sites social media like Facebook.

The second way to drive traffic to the site of the company uses traditional promotion of business cards, templates, roads without Internet, television advertising and many other forms of traditional advertising, you can display the URL of the website and potential customers on the Web site.

Back to basics

Social networking is not new, and its success will depend on the same business principles that build relationships with customers and promote the references of the mouth, should begin with the current client base or experienced in technical guerrilla marketing led entrepreneurs in the past.

The economic plan of the last row, it must be based on sound business principles that motivate customers to select products and services offered for your entreprise.Si social networks you can motivate and is well suited for your business!

Tips for promoting your business with social networking sites

All businesses want to increase the company cash flow. The most commonly used method is often sell a product or service. The company services and products in the eyes of the public. Must be informed of potential services and products, customers such as the company offers to you. SAT, you will need the support of the products or services. You want to advertise.

Nowadays, most of the advertising petit.La advertising budget can become more.Although certain advertising methods makes lots of money is a business rule the oldest invest money to get more money that you need to use.

In addition, you have no money spent on these are methods that you can pay money do not. In fact, they are free, the costs of advertising methods if you do not have to pay.

How do you say? Interest to know what is that?

The World Wide Web is a great and hide many secrets, in particular advertising methods, methods is a powerful tool which uses most online entrepreneurs. The name is a social network. Internet social networking sites have become really big market and excellent opportunity for each company, whether online or offline.

These types of sites have the majority of the hundreds of thousands, or perhaps tens of millions of users.

I have a favor to you, but it is not for me. For vous.Je do not think that something like social networking sites where only your friends, post, and girls see your mood. It is true that in these types of Web pages, but not limited to create relationships relationship meetings. In the development of relations commerciales.Il is how started network of Web sites is now a powerful and effective cost to advertise your business, whether large or small.

These Web pages are mainly aimed at people who want friends online or online session.some of these sites are created specifically for entrepreneurs.sharing and promotion of products, services or you can create relationships of business of the company.with clients and other potential partners.great thing is that you have client routing.are the same as to imagine, or are looking for what you sell.

However, Web site of friendship and relationships that do not have the ignore, keep in mind that they are also clients potentiels.ils are human and have also besoin.SAT, can also contribute to site here.

You'll have to worry about the not send many commercials Web.gens such as diversity and frustrating if you submit site or your company, always as a market for the "how to buy my stuff, my stuff".aussi, some entertaining issue only non-commercial business.

Use Twitter to find potential job candidates

What can you learn about the people on Twitter? Although many! In fact, you can even this popular site for social networking, potential employees or business partners. After a survey on Twitter provoke responses from people that you make. Even in cases where you don't know that real life enthusiasts know, you can identify potential candidates for rent on the basis of the replies interaction and displays.

If you've been recruiting employees in the traditional way, restore the applicants in order to ensure a good impression of the .habituellement, it is only 30 seconds to go earlier, a busy schedule and a large number of requests to dig on the site, the information you are looking for... it is also possible that they may miss important information.

Poll Twitter you can offer the possibility of response and limit the length of the response. Interested applicants will be obliged to respond to their short and to the point directly, so it is not necessary to search for information or omit.

You can learn as a potential rent your name, age, telephone and Twitter. creating a poll is as well as the actual interview during execution. Ask for some common questions such as:

Tell me you concernant.Quelle experience do you have in this area? What do you know about this company? Why you're the last job? you ever been fired from a job?"you can see where the players?""yourself in five years?" the information on the role of the dream.What are your strengths?What are your weaknesses?

As you can see, Twitter is not just friends, say what you faites.Si you use Twitter polls the identification of potential employees and you will save many temps.Contrairement traditional jobs, you can "interview" candidates at the same time and at the same time.

There are several sites that provide free services to create Twitter.tout surveys that you need to do is select the type of query, specify the options for response and publish the interview on Twitter.