Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seven steps to heaven, the social network

Now Facebook has more than 250 million users worldwide and is a site that generates most of the traffic on the Internet. Thus, the potential audience is ready, and this expectation is both to generate some buzz about your company, products and services!

Social media is a content generated by users and blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, del.icio.us, YouTube, cooperation, such as Wikipedia, as well as hundreds more!). The main objective of these tools in a corporate environment follows loyal fans regularly during a conversation with them the good relations.You can use these relationships to drive sales, understanding more potential customers of your relationship with your customers, competitors and industry manage your reputation and improve your website rankings in search engine, here are seven simple steps to start...

Define your target audience and determine what the social media are the most appropriate platform (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is recommended as a starting point, some blogs are specific to the sector). Develop a clear strategy on how, when and why you and your community, as well as the cooperation will be how you want to increase the audience. Spend some time in the work of two users of social media and how to create your own conversations in this will be included. From Twitter to get an idea of what competition and speaks more of your industry. If you select the individual / organization to manage, you start the community, as well as in many cases, it is likely that you will comply with the rear. As each tweet, you can contact only 140 characters and the transfer of your personality, as well as the management of the conversation topics discussed. Create a Facebook page for businesses and save a large amount of information about the company, along with photos, videos and anything else that might contribute to the strengthening of its position. Let your twitter fans know that you are a Facebook page and suggest that become a fan. You can also consider Facebook PPC ads to generate interest and page in the first stades.Blog site when you create new blog posts you can write, and links to them through Twitter and Facebook, you know, generate more traffic to your site and let your community that you have a reliable source of specific information.create a profile on LinkedIn, and linking up with past and present, friends, colleagues, family and anyone who would be beneficial to your corpnet to the strategy.to regularly update your profiles, be prepared to respond to reports of the other and establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Use the following procedure, you need to quickly create a community of people interested in your company and the things you have the parole.durée exceeds the limit, it is possible for more sites and applications that you want to add to the list, but be sure to include in the plan, the total social media, as this will help to ensure a coherent and integrated approach.

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