Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Social networks: good or bad thing?

The era of the Internet, continues its strong private no too long. one way or the other person will have to obtain from its environment. Despite the feeling isolated or partner of a person is bound by the pressure of the identity of the Internet. Social networks is not new. In the past, there are already trends which have led to what is now known as Facebook. But what we have Facebook, is the most advanced social networks from MySpace.

Today it is a question: Facebook is good or bad? If a social networking site such as the need to look into our daily lives. It is really useful for us to create an account in the social network to maintain? Currently, there are so many things to consider. Sites for social networking in General, the main aim is to improve the concentration, that people have a way in which we live."our lives, with mobility in this life, people usually every connection to the loss of knowledge occasionnelle.à using social networks, people may have now the possibility of obtaining with people, but only in the case of the familiar."

Admit it or not, Facebook can do wonders. But it is not their people afraid to be a little safety features? Information people tend to too much things off too much information. And your number is for everyone to see!Facebook is the last avenue prospérer.Vous attackers can imagine, it is from your boss on Facebook, I would like to know what you're up to these past years? And for the next fan the flame, were cases where their activity by workers Facebook removed from their workplace.

With any dilemma today in social networks is always a good thing for maintenance or is - something that should be deleted?, today it is each individual priorities and motivation to connection by sites such as Facebook, are automatically entered in to extend their control over their target consumer social networks.Whereas, in that the Internet is not only in the world of information and the theatre for communication, there is also a wide range of sites in the network world not apologized and different companies concurrentes.Si you a solution, it would be for the protection of personal data, and at the same time you want to maintain contact with other known, you will need to read more detailed information about each site privacy settings are experienced in handling parameters of confidentiality, useful information for people that you want to see photos, profile, the phone number and personal items.

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