Monday, November 1, 2010

Some social networking sites are not always good for business

We've all heard of such as Facebook and Twitter are open to the public social networking sites, connect, for any reason any. These pages make it easier for people to tell their friends and their families. It is also possible as a way to inform people about their business opportunity or a new product for sale. These pages will help people easy to achieve these objectives.

If you have a social networking Web sites such as Facebook to promote your business is a less formal atmosphere.People choose to connect with you and your followers will be called, you can also watch other users can create a profile that everyone has as much or want just to say that people want to connect with you, he said .in other words, it is the place to get your friends.

One of the social network of Web pages, where you want to act like you know on Facebook, LinkedIn. Is a site where professionals and interaction and people, with which the connection is known as the friends; are designated as a professional connection here.It is recommended to not treat LinkedIn profile, for example, Facebook profile, which should tell you how much he loved every movement of the "Borat", this is not considered. The goal of this group is for the company.

If you on LinkedIn if you know someone on MySpace is your attention and say goodbye to you, therefore, that the circumstances of this unfortunate you can stay here, you can probably step that will help you on LinkedIn. You must obtain all other networking Web sites do not require that you have all advice, but it is nice to have on LinkedIn.les recommendations are a few words that people on LinkedIn to write to you tell everyone you deserve on LinkedIn. The safe would you three to five of those recommendations from the beginning. This will help you all users on a site as trusted.

On other social networking sites, you can send the content and you don't really worry about is not the case with LinkedIn.forget talk your company on these pages.If your plan for sale permanent pitches one after another, as some people are doing on Twitter, it is recommended to remain outside the loop withheld ' it will not tolerate behaviour! element must be informative in nature, is not a sale of the caractère.Si someone learns that you sell something, at the end of the time on end LinkedIn.

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