Sunday, October 31, 2010

Way of placing in the market to use the Twitter blog

Twitter is one of the best ways to commercialize the blog on the Internet today. Google indexes each Tweet. In the beginning, you can start with tweets twice or three times per day. Number of the order of the most interesting, it is possible for them, you will need to obtain.

Twitter takes effect avalanche of faithful following. Your profile will determine that you are on Twitter. Using a profile for you and your blog. Tell people what you like and spend their time doing Twitter suggests.monitor these people who love the same choses.sont people who want to follow.

When people react to you respond back.Twitter is meaning single conversation is to connect with people who share the same intérêt.Utilisez in response to the comments. Please keep in mind, everything can be seen as a response.

The best way to get a suite that meets your tweets to impress your personality. We are all unique and people will respond to your voice. Choose your interest and your tweet about.share your favorite YouTube video that you see today that blocked the new title history the journée.que find a good joke. When you are prompted to share your knowledge if you know the correct answer. Send beautiful photos, art and articles you find interesting and informative.

Persons who are available to listen to what you want dites.Nous actually in. When you create a new post to your blog with a paperclip. tell them what it to certain that concise to 140 characters to capture their attention. You will know that you are your brand approaches do take the time to read, what to say.become loyal supporters to your blog when tell you their.' visit, that it will be.

Blog post by specifying its faithful supporters of exactly what you promise.a well written your contribution and short if you have something that required a long discussion, divided into different fonctions.Cela gives you something daily Tweet based u.s. ' ensure to include more recovered INYANGE ' use of Twitter and 80% of the time of connection and 20% for their own advertising.

About three months to enable you to get a loyal not provide and maintain up to an interesting and compensation is an asset to your company.

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