Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of programs to make a change in the community, the company that timely review and evaluation with a view to ensuring the quality of work of the people in the delivery. Monitoring and evaluation of projects, it is not possible, if it was formed by the organizational goals of the project and all the redeemed hired, messages and other information important to ensure that this Organization effectively design a program to calculate the evolution of certain projects.
From the point of view you need for data already collected organization skilled external requires good data analysis and evaluation of the results, where the actual situation of the projects already have to make changes.
Data analysis is not a simple task as many programs is due to the lack of procedures for the analysis of data and lack of information on the quality of information.
To analyze data, are already available on the market to buy and proceed with an analyze. Il statistical programs is necessary to include the Organization of access this software for the purposes of the analysis of the data and who have experience in collecting data, data analysis and interpretation of data.
You then pass to the analysis of data, you need to clean data so that you do not need to worry about the quality of the data quality is needed if water for life, in the contrary case, it may be the case where the representation of the data is not found and many things and assessment results spent in vain.
For the quality of access to quality services for monitoring and evaluation must find someone on the Internet for the Organization of projects, monitoring, evaluation, research, data entry, data analysis, data cleaning written reports and the interpretation of the results.

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