Monday, November 1, 2010

A brief overview of social networks and their applications for businesses

The whole book Facebook, but I try and give a brief overview of the functioning of the phenomenon online, which is a member of Facebook. The essence of Facebook connect your world online offline. You can add the instant friends Group and you'll see that you know that you can invite your friends to connect to their network, and you can also search using the names of the lost touch with your friends. Facebook to share content, the update of the State as feel, writing in the wall, to publish photographs in the galleries and describe those that appear on those and then back to them and their friends in food, you can also a fan of, or the tag "Si", TV shows, music, as well as groups of servers. The performance of social media via Facebook is enormous and should not be underestimated in the online marketing strategy.

You might think that it to the user, but with ads from Facebook, which uses information about the person offering to users in their Facebook profile to the group specified target, a brief example of this highly targeted ads would be if the profile of the user that operate on the strategy of local advertising for wedding cake would be ideal.This type of target costs of advertising, but for those who are willing to put a little problems with their strategy to consider the "pages" for their company to begin as soon as you have pages, users can have the fan pages and when to do all their status updates are posted in food, this means that you can market their constamment.Cependant, words of warning: try, before its sale to their event.

Twitter explained to 140 characters. It is a social network "for short, the user message". It is a social network where take your world offline people online have often advocates and persons monitoring based on the interests and most of these people have probably never meet outside connexion.Le concept of twitter is tweeting short messages to your supporters, who have decided to make the updates, and, in turn, another update to keep track of the business, attract supporters offers exclusive assignment and information about their business, you can have the freedom of the media in this market.Once you have followers who have all updates in their diet, this means that you can keep the market for them.' However, warning: try, before its sale to their event.

LinkedIn is a social for the holding of origin. in this respect network, users can connect with those who do business with that you can have different roles and build a network industry .encore once people online you merge, continues to connect to a network, queries for the reference group as research from the list of contacts, if you want to find someone who can help you with your marketing help online, see marketingontheinternet.

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