Thursday, November 11, 2010

What is media social marketing and how is it that

What is social media marketing? According to Wikipedia, is a social media "is a generic term that defines the various activities of this technology, social interaction and the construction of the words, photos, video and audio integration." Or run the revolutionary changes to express sousta is the creation of social networks and the placing on the market.

Social media related social phenomenon have moderated, which occur in most social interactions social websites are developed.Web sites independent powerful interactions, where people share information and idées.conformément Rupert Murdock provisions "is now the people who are in control."

How BIG business is produise.arrogance after the Internet only for games and email, is not it? There is no return now and tell us what media marketing and how it affects social?

First, get rid of the idea that social sites will simply disappear. There are more than 200 000 2 500 000 publication blog and 34% post opinions about products brands and bloggers. Add the fact that 78% of consumers trust partner recommendations, while only 14% of the advertiser confidence and some very convincing reasons for understanding the impact of social media into your marketing actions.

If you want to add salt to the wound to traders, people already outlets with unsolicited e-mail. Applications on the phone, junk mail, post office TV, blocked or ignored. People will also block social media?

No, on the ground that they do not block social media is the difference between social media and newspapers, television, radio, etc.. The difference is the absence of editorial content control.People communicate with each other parts of the content other than to respond to content provided to them.To do their part.

Experts say that social media marketing is a State of mind;It is the market of business social responsibility."I think that it is a party, a rock - internal selection single party em before social cocktail party at the place where you can meet new people and chat, there is, however, no sales may you can answer questions or provide advice or stories of friends, but no vente.partage.".

Therefore, the network marketing and Social Media Marketing social media conversion.réseau rate is to create a new network b.c marketing revolution ' is a very interesting time for those of us who have the potential of social networks to comprendre.les baby boomers have always been tone and will continue to define certain trends, because it still has control of cordons.Et segment grows on Facebook, which has more than 500 million registered users, people sure as ticketing chain, 55-65 years old men.

Many social networking boom which is 96% y soon comes to baby boomers, generation already belongs to at least one social network, and you have an opportunity to big business.

What work do you do? sign in with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and natural NetWorker, which allows me to integrate your business your home network on the basis of the new world of social media.

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