Thursday, November 11, 2010

To make an image of an unauthorized person unsolicited Online Marketing Desperates

Send spam as people me, advises marketing online, major headaches. In particular, social networks such as Facebook or twitter, but today, I will focus on the tactics of unpleasant business employed by the partner.

Facebook, should their marking function, so easy for those who want, for example, photo sharing with your amis.Si you go further, but it was the only camera and then send the Facebook video, make new friends (who were in the picture) with him because you want a part of the image.

On each a small stroke, you can never be unscrupulous people harm économique.ils come with ways to use a feature of this kind and transform it into a line of trust.

The first is to have the slightest?

If you constantly ruthless people tagged photos wherever you are on the road, do not know the meaning. For those who use an active Facebook then here is an example.

Assuming that you are the owner of the online business and you have tons of photos of products, but only 15 of your friends on your friends list, you need the exhibition, and other friends in the list, what do you do?

Simple tags in each photo.friends.Mark tous.Que you ask? after the image tag contains people, it seems that it is in their walls and notify all your friends on their subject in an image.

That spells free lead me.

Identification of the person in the image of the product cannot be reputable and respectable fines.entreprise or someone who knows us ' it is intended as a joke or that person know you personally (and good), use the photo tagging on Facebook Marketing method.

Not only you will be annoy users are label, you can take the risk of losses as the client (if you are a customer in the first place).

Online social networks are not marketing the poussée.Il is almost always on stroke the placing on the market and use wisely.

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