Saturday, November 6, 2010

Social networks: Facebook for business

In the world in search of real estate has moderated, where take place Facebook friend requests, tweets, singing and fan page. Instead of asking to speak to your service, your phone number, clients can query instead of this, if the connection is on LinkedIn or Facebook updates message transactions. Facebook is the largest networking sites social y - real estate agents must ignore this reality. However, your influence on networks social useful sites and target your audience. not display the volume menu and you can expect rain down you can trade Anna sky. Here are some tips from the crowd on Facebook.

After you connect

* The target audience (past and present clients, other factors, Nikos companies)
* Please note that people posting on the
* To attract friends, followers, connections and participants
* To communicate and collaborate with your friends and fans

Maximize your exposure

There are three types of accounts on Facebook: personal profiles, groups and businesses fan page. options for the location of advertising in certain geographical areas, for a small price target groups.

Personal page of the message is limited to 20 recipients at the same time with a personal page, there are strict on. sending data to the personal page of the company.

The Group of the group can be defined for more personal interaction and more are connected directly to the people who manage the groups can be public or participate in the State and private.

Company fan page is the ideal way to attract more public.Here are part of the Enterprise options page:

The geographical area of the page.create a page in your State or province of a certain district, exclusively on this area and there is no mention of your company, you'll see the fans immediately and people, I love not exercised pressure on verification of information on the employment of people to communicate on the page.on the page by photographic competition issues of participation ("what is the best pizza in town?" or "where the tourist best trail in our province?")and the provision of prizes such as gift cards, dinner for two and so forth.get local participation; they will be more satisfied with propagation of exposure .a word on your business card, called FBML that allows HTML code of your page, for example, to find the IDX framed-download.

Agent referral sites.les values of the element, network with other agents in the event on Facebook and add the link sharing.

-Page company REO.marché distress property business and expertise in asset management companies.

-Page office or a équipe.Soutien for your team or Office, and later on this page.

-Constructor/owners pages.atteindre Builders Association of owners and others who have a vested interest in these niches.votre expertise in homes, new construction and niche services supports.

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