Saturday, November 6, 2010

The actual Facebook emoticons

Social networks autour for a long time now since 1997, while she was launched Now, is the largest social network in terms of income and the display of the Course, the experience of the social network has changed a little, but what hasn't changed is the use of emoticons. (The most commonly used is a face on it). These emoticons have been around from the Internet, if they have been used in emails, and even simple DOS programs.

Facebook has many built-in emoticons will be converted into an image emoticons, when they are imported into the chat or a comment, but still some changes such as xD xP 0 0.toujours not easy work around that, many people tend to forget which is not only easy work, but it also adds that much involved in view of these emoticons humour.

I speak of course use the actual image .the ' use of the image to sort the database gives access to a wide range of emotion pictures are usually arranged.the maximum value of the lowest rank.the use of these services is easy to find a picture of a person smile... and then send the URL of the page the image to display on the emoticons you can go to the server.

This course, to get a few laughs and points, it is easier that to use a simple emoticons will be heard, démontrée.Bien have disadvantages because it takes a few seconds, in addition to the image that you want, but changed their emotions to add more excitement that Facebook is the best thing available.

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