Sunday, November 7, 2010

You must be on Facebook?

Depending on the value of your own Facebook have active users over five hundred million, which are more than 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

Very large numbers in a certain extent, the real issue, which is the reason for which both people hide the join, Facebook and other social network, what are the benefits and what are the drawbacks?

Remember, friends reunited?-still to go, but perhaps the first social connection points out that a bit of a killer application for the Internet.

Actually given people the sense and purpose of connecting people in their own lives, which would be otherwise able to reestablish a connection with their past and not only in terms of people, but referred to the school and former travail.activée sites is to re-establish the connection to other people.

Other sites found were also huge, especially second life and my espace.deux on these sites is always active, but just say today eclipsed by Facebook and Twitter with time, but it was almost on the Web, in itself, and how it was amazing the number of people involved.

In addition, is that in the coming years, Facebook and Twitter will be a shadow on some exciting new media that people move quickly.

To understand why it is important not only for individuals but for the company and not for the community and the benefit of the group that you can use the existing social networks as a virtual connection to the real world.

This is the reason for which people depend so much of this medium and the risks posed by social networks that people believe that a connection to the real world, in fact, looking at the screen of your computer or phone.

The illusion of reality is supported by the language used on Facebook and other places ", the" "friends" groups.

Participation in Facebook and other Web sites is no different that when you use the site for another reason - what is more problematic, if people are really beginning to think that the real world rather than the virtual.

In his time off!

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