Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corporate networks, model network media social life

Business, strategically distributed events of the year are important elements in building a successful business. Economic sectors of direct sales, or the network has always been a catalyst for growth. Treated, regional meetings, monthly employment and sitting at home training presentation was how it was done.

The Internet has changed everything?, society alters this model business and the Internet, we offer an alternative solution.

A few years ago saw the concept of social network with family and friends grilling, or any other social event.personal contact, c. - to-d .this social network. In addition, if we are talking about social networking today we speak just as easily prekvapení with some of the first 2 billion, (b) is lots of friends, we have online.

If you are not adapted to this new reality, or will soon be problems. The basic needs of the commercial network has changed. Use social media networks business, however, the Senate on the computer screen.

This is change, General company has already obtained the face to face with their peers, often. The annual meeting is likely to continue as an opportunity for senior falsify personal links industry. And as a place for people travelling to draw. However, most efforts in the construction of a network of business will be online.

Do then how you get these 2 billion potential trading partners? Advertising and promotional activities are not effective courteous when people online.Facebook is an excellent example of this. Facebook is estimated at between 20 and 30 billion dollars.Pourquoi?, because they are more than 500 million users. Advertiser are baver.les users 500 million on a single platform is ready to receive my ads. DOS; indicate that users of 500 million care is not that advertising is not fair.they make all their attention.

This means that Facebook is toast?Does!Facebook has 500 million (and), the potential buyer, the seller, you need to know how to do.some of our traditional advertisers is above and a natural NetWorker is here.

Want to communicate online with users to provide something of value to this exchange relations of friendship and trust online a natural, friends and for the exchange of information and make recommendations .c ' is the same network that the economic model that has always existed on the difference is the way for the exchange of personal data.

In the State of the personal relationship, search and influence in the community are often factors importants.dans friendship online is the value of the information or advice to change often, the main factor.

A natural NetWorker loves people and teaching, as can be, or whatever, they veulent.Il is natural and comes from the natural social.un networker Exchange develops teaching people how to change their natural vie.un NetWorker is usually the driver, who believe in research and disseminate the message of Word and the deed, by using social media and social networks.

A natural NetWorker is always looking for positive, motivated people who want to make a change and are seriously committed to obtain natural accompli.Networkers rarely interested nothing to sell work, interested in cooperation and sharing.

If your company is one of the thousands who wish to collaborate with others online, you must be a natural NetWorker.

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